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How we view our own bodies is very personal, for some of us body acceptance might feel a very natural and normal thing, whereas for others this is a lifelong and never-ending journey. 

For me personally, it comes and goes. I have days, weeks, and months when I don't pay too much attention to my body as I might be focused on something else, but some days, weeks, and months I am overanalyzing how my body looks. Times when I am struggling with body acceptance I like to remind myself :

-Allow my body to find a weight and size my body wants to be in

That doesn't mean eating junk food in the process; I am responsible for feeding my body with nutritious and healthy foods. 

-Don't weigh my body - I am more than a number on the scale

-Clothes need to fit my body and not all the way around. I am choosing clothes that feel comfortable without focusing on what size they are. 

Screenshot 2021-12-20 at 17.56.35.png

-Unfollow diet/beauty culture

Everywhere we look, we have been told how a woman's body should look. Reminding myself that my body isn't here alive to fulfill someone else's fantasies; my body is here to keep me alive

- Focus on counting nutrients instead of calories

The quality of the foods I am eating means more than the quantity. Practicing to tune in with my senses and being intuitive to know when I am full and when I am hungry. Research shows that the mental effort of counting calories causes stress, fatigue, and burnout and leads to binging. 

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